When and Why You Need an Interior Designer

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Interior design is defined as the art and science of enhancing interiors, often in the form of office buildings, single family homes, and apartments. Interior designers are those that advise and often implement design projects for clients, who may vary in terms of background and income level. But the question of the importance of interior design seems moot. Who wants to work in a bare, gray office or live in a dark, muted house?

The interior design industry generates $10 billion in revenue annually. The industry is growing, especially the specialized interior design firms, which are growing at an average of 20% faster than the rest. The demand for interior design is being pushed by a growing source:

Millennial homeowners have grown and are just as likely as other age groups to want to remodel their home.

There are many reasons why families and individuals hire interior designers. For one, interior designers can save much needed time when someone is remodeling. Interior designers have ideas, the educational background, and often the experience required to take a client’s wishes and see them formed into something worth having for years to come.

There is also the possibility that some of that knowledge and information may pay dividends down the road with a different remodel. Absorbing what the interior designer has to say in terms of his or her educational background and experience will further a client’s understanding about their home and what can be done later on down the road with a different project.

You’ll learn from their design preferences and overall ability to enhance your space. Many designs start with the basics–how to make this room more functional and livable. But interior designers also may (and should) know how to make that space more attractive. Effective designs can include color schemes, spacial arrangements, and lighting.

Of course, it’s possible to remodel a home or especially a room without the help of an interior designer. But it is at your own peril, as the time required and experience needed can greatly speed or slow up the process. For small projects, consider the following tips about interior designs from some of the leading publications on the subject.

Driven by Decor says that when hanging art, keep its center at eye level, which is generally between 56 and 60 inches from the floor.

Decorating site Houzz says you should leave between 12 and 18 inches of floor space around the sides of a rug.

Embody the rule of threes when thinking about home decorating projects. Generally, an odd number of objects when decorating is more eye-catching and interesting than even numbers.

It’s important to consider all factors when implementing a home remodel project. There are the factors of time and money, as well as the expertise and knowledge needed for bigger projects. Overall, it’s important to know when you’re starting a project that you can seek expert advice.

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