The Reason More Parents Are Choosing Private Schools To Ensure Their Children’s Future

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Private schools are starting to lead the pack when it comes to reliable community services and educational results. Why?

Part of that has to do with the structure. Private schools are well-known for being smaller and more focused than many public school models, providing students of all abilities and interests the one-on-one attention the need to thrive. Another part has to do with the expanded focus on fine arts, drama and foreign languages, all necessary components of a healthy and adjusted future adult. Should you be considering the best possible route for your child to go through, the advantages of attending private schools simply can’t be beat.

Before you and your child make the plunge, look below to learn more about private schools and why they may be your very best option.

A common misconception about private schools is that they’re small, far-removed and highly specialized. The reality is rather different. Private schools have nearly twice as much of their enrollment in large cities compared to public schools — there are a solid 30,000 private schools spanning the United States, collectively serving over five million students from preschool and up. An impressive 80% of parents of students enrolled in a religious private school, specifically, reported being ‘very satisfied’ with their child’s school in a 2011 study. Private schools offer superior attention, a wide variety of studies and a safe environment for students of all shapes and sizes.

When your child is struggling to achieve high marks in their class, it’s understandable to become worried for their future. How can they be accepted into a prestigious college with average grades and no extracurricular activities? A benefit many parents enjoy with the best private education is the more studious attention on their little ones — private school classes are half as large as the average public school class, meaning every student gets more individual attention to encourage their best growth. Students who attend private high schools have been found to have a nearly 65% chance of attending a four-year college. Compare this to just 40% from public schools.

Not all students have the same struggles. One student who embraces the fine arts might find themselves lagging behind in math, while another student who excels in English may struggle to keep up with a strict math curriculum. Learning disorders, such as dyslexia, can inhibit basic skill development. Mental illness even more so. The advantages of private schools make sure no student is left behind on their personal journey. Over 90% of all private schools in the United States were coeducational — just 2% enrolled only girls and another 2% only boys. The benefits of prep school are particularly useful for parents who have a long-term plan in mind.

The fine arts have taken a few hits this past decade thanks to short-lived government initiatives and growing expectations concerning young working adults. While math and science are important subjects, it’s equally important for your child to express themselves and view the world through many different lenses. The fine arts include painting, drawing, sculpting, music and drama, though more specialized classes can also be included depending on the school your child attends. Engaging with the fine arts has been proven to improve a child’s self-awareness, creativity and problem-solving skills.

Private schools can provide you a tour of both the buildings and curriculum to help put your child at ease and help you make an informed decision. Consider visiting a private school this year and put your child’s future first.

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