Sleep Better and Promote Social and Environmental Causes With Organic Bedding Sets

Organic bed sheet

How well are you sleeping at night? A recent survey showed that 42% of American adults receive less than seven hours of sleep every night. This is less than the recommended amount of seven to nine hours. If you’re not getting enough sleep, one of the reasons may be your bedding. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Bedroom Poll, 85% of the participants responded that having comfortable sheets and bedding made a difference in whether or not they slept well.

Have you ever slept on organic sheets or beneath an entire organic bedding set? If you haven’t experienced how comfortable organic bedding products can be, then you are in for a wonderful sensation. In addition to organic bedding sets being available for queen-sized beds, they are also available for king-sized. Whether you prefer organic cotton or linen, experts recommend linen sheet thread counts between 200 to 800.

Another benefit to purchasing organic bedding sets is that they are an environmentally-friendly product. You’re most likely aware that more and more consumers are choosing to buy brands based on whether or not they make a positive social and environmental impact. According to an international study conducted by Unilever, for example, roughly 33% of consumers are choosing to buy from these types of companies. This is particularly the case with Millennial-aged shoppers.

A recent poll was conducted with 1,000 Millennial shoppers. The results of this poll showed that 38% of the participants claimed that they would “respond positively” to environmentally-friendly products. Whether you’re within the Millennial age bracket or older, chances are that you also care about purchasing products from companies that are socially and environmentally conscious.

Since you want to experience a good night’s sleep, treat yourself to an organic bedding set. In addition to studies showing that bedding does make a difference in how people sleep, having freshly-scented bedding can also do so. Just imagine how luxurious you’ll feel as you fall asleep beneath warm, soft , freshly-washed bedding. You may even discover that you want to go to bed earlier because your bed is so much more inviting.

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