The Three Top Things You Need To Do To Cut Your Wedding Stress

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Your wedding is the start of a life together. It marks the beginning of your union and is an opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment to each other, but it is also often, sadly, a source of great stress. Almost 2.5 million weddings take place each year. A completely hassle-free wedding planning experience may seem impossible, but here are a few tips to help you cut the stress and multiply the fun.

While many young brides and grooms have been planning their special day for years in their mind’s eye, there reality of having to get it all done in what amounts to a relatively short period of time is daunting. The first step, though, should be all about fun and all about the two of you. Choosing the kind of wedding you want — outdoor, fantasy theme, formal, country, whatever the choice — means ensuring that your wedding is a reflection of the two of you as a couple. Unusual venues are cropping up as the wedding place of choice for as much as 40% of brides and grooms-to-be because they better reflect their personalities. It doesn’t have to be traditional — though there is nothing wrong with that — but it should be meaningful to the two of you.

Once you know the type of wedding, the most important decision is the “where”, choosing your venue. Whether you are opting for a choice of wedding ballrooms or an outdoor location, it is vital that you book soon. Most wedding planners recommend booking the venue as soon as you get engaged or at least nine months to a year before the date. Wedding ballrooms, banquet halls and even unusual venues book up soon and getting the best venue on the right date can be a tricky affair. Scout the venue together and bring a trusted friend or family member who can assess it with an objective eye. Consider your guests’ comfort as well as your vision of the wedding. Wedding ballrooms should offer sufficient space per guest not only at the dinner tables but also on the dance floor.

Catering for events is the next big decision point. In many cultures, food is the center of festivities, drawing people together for a communal dining experience that is filled with love and laughter — and a wedding banquet, whether buffet or formal plated multiple course dinner, does exactly that. Tastings can be great fun, especially as you bring together your joint tastes. Then, of course, there is the cake. Unless you love the heaviness and brandy kick of a traditional fruit cake, this is your chance to be adventurous. Blue velvet chiffon cake with a lemon curd filling? Why not? A cupcake tower or mini cakes each decorated identically for each guest can add a whimsical note to your special day and add to the decor of those traditional wedding ballrooms. Matching the food and the cake to your theme should be natural. So a country and western chic theme might mean a sophisticated version of family barbecue and mini cakes decorated with silver buckles.

The decor should also flow from your theme. A simple color scheme can be picked up in everything from the invitations to the draping, dining ware and lighting. Lighting can add to the mood and reinforce the atmosphere of the event. It should be considered part of your wedding decor. More intricate themes may require props. A Hollywood glamor theme might require a red carpet rental and some helpful friends posing as paparazzi as the guests arrive. These types of themes can be picked up in special touches such as party favors, special songs and bridal party gifts.

If you get these three main areas right: venue, catering and decor, you are well on your way to a stress-free and happy wedding planning experience. Combining all of that with the type of wedding and theme that best suits your personality as a couple will make it even better.

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