What Can an Emergency Veterinarian Do?

What Can an Emergency Veterinarian Do?

If your pet has a medical emergency outside of your vet’s office hours, don’t take for granted that your vet will treat your pet. If your vet does not offer emergency services 24/7, ask for a recommendation for an emergency vet in your area. Veterinarian Dr. Justine Lee describes what emergency vets do.

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Emergency vets see pets that are suffering from life-threatening problems. This can range from injuries caused by traffic accidents, heat stroke, organ failure, or poisoning, and much more. Emergency veterinarians go through continuous schooling so they can be ready to tackle the wide variety of problems they see. Nothing is predictable at an emergency animal hospital.

Just like with an emergency room for humans, you do not need an appointment for your pet to get treated at an emergency animal hospital. It is best to call ahead to let the staff know what to expect so that they can get any equipment or medication ready for your pet. You’ll also need to bring a credit card to start paying for the services.

Emergency vet care can monitor your pet overnight. This is something else that your regular vet may not be able to do. Constant supervision is critical to spot any problems that could lead to death.

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