What Should You Be Asking a Child Custody Lawyer?

What Should You Be Asking a Child Custody Lawyer?

It’s estimated that only 4% of child custody cases ever go to trial. Still, you need a good lawyer to help you through your divorce, and to help keep your parental rights. Jensen Family Law lists the questions you need to ask a child custody lawyer so you can choose the right one for you.

Ask what laws pertain to the particular case that could work for you or against you.

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You also want to know what the court will take into consideration. For example, if you get a new job, it could be easier for you to take custody of your child.

Ask how the lawyer usually works with a client. Does the final decision about how to go forward with your case rest solely with the lawyer, or are you allowed some input? Ask about the lawyer’s experience inside a courtroom. Many lawyers work for years and never have to go to trial. How about if your case does have to go to trial? Would the lawyer be able to handle it? You also need to ask about fees, and when the lawyer expects to be paid. Most lawyers are paid by the hour, but some are paid by the case. Does the lawyer offer a payment plan? Make sure to ask these questions before choosing a lawyer. .

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