What You Should Ask Each Moving Company that You are Considering

Knowing the right questions to ask a potential moving company before hiring them helps you avoid unnecessary surprises on the final day. Asking smart and comprehensive questions helps you determine the ideal household moving and storage services for your needs. It also gives you enough confidence that your belongings will be in safe hands. The more questions you ask, the better your chances of finding the best cross state movers within your region. Before working on the fine details of your move, you want to understand all the professional movers you are considering. Ask them for their references, qualifications, and business for more details about a moving company’s history.
The inaugural question to help determine whether you are working with the ideal company is their service. Find out how long the movers have been in business. This gives you an overview of their service. Some of the best cross country shipping companies have been in business for decades. A long business history doesn’t guarantee excellent services. However, it can help you determine a company’s expertise. Cost-friendliness is a feature you get from engaging the best cross country moving services in your region. Find out how the company calculates the cost of the move. Is the estimate non-binding or binding? Determine whether you will be charged extra fees apart from what’s on paper to ensure you get the best deal on moving pods.

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If you are considering hiring a moving and storage service to help you move into your new home then you are on the right track. Moving can be such a pain and having professional residential movers do it for you is such a relief. There are many different moving companies so how do you know what you should be looking for in one? Well, it’s in the answers. You have to know the right questions and know what you are looking for in their answers. Here are a few ideas of some questions you should ask and some answers you should get when looking into a moving and storage service.

What are your policies if something is broken during the move?
Obviously, it depends on who broke it. But, if it’s the moving and storage service, then they should have a policy in place to take complete responsibility. If they have a ‘no liability’ clause then this means that the movers can treat your belongings however they want. But, if they have something in place that makes them liable for anything that gets damaged while it’s in their possession, then this will ensure that they are hiring trustworthy employees that are going to be careful with other people’s things.

What do you cover?
This is a question about insurance. A good moving and storage service will have a certain amount of insurance that they offer in case something does get damaged. Find out what insurance is included in their price and what extra coverage they offer. They should have at least a minimal amount included and then be able to offer something in the event of an accident happening that is not their fault. For example, if a storm happens while trying cross country and your items get water damaged, they may not be able to be held liable but should offer insurance that will cover your belongings in the event that something unexpected happens.

Is this your ‘out the door’ quote or are there other possible fees?
Hidden fees are something that shady moving companies like to add it. They don’t call them hidden fees of course but there should be no chance that you’ll have to unexpectedly pay more once your belongings reach their destination. On a side note, if a moving company is willing to give you a quote over the phone, without seeing what you have, then you can assume they are going to rip you off somehow. They should only be able to give you a quote once they have seen how much you have and what you have.

How long have you been in business?
This will help you determine how experienced the company is. Within this part of the conversation, you should also ask about the people that they employ. Find out if they are temporary hires or actual employees. Also ask if they run background checks and how new hires are employed. This will give you the peace of mind to know that the people handling your belongings have been thoroughly vetted and will not run off with your things.

Can I have the information to some previous clients to get some reviews?
Now, this is a tricky one. Some companies may not be willing to hand out contact information and rightly so. You wouldn’t want anyone handing out your phone number or email address to random people. However, a company who really has it together will get written permission from their clients so that they can pass on the reviews. However, if a company doesn’t do this, it doesn’t mean they are a scam. You’ll just have to go online and look them up and see customer reviews that way, which you should also do anyway, even if they have clients you can call up.

Do you carry ProMover designation?
If the company carries the ProMover designation, this shows that they have an industry certificate proving that they went through a program on best practices. These are established standards for moving companies and their staff across the board that should be followed. There are national and international ProMover designations available. A well rounded company will have both of these certificates.

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