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Why People Value the Top Private Schools

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Across the United States, the popularity of private schools is rising. There are more and more parents that believe that sending their child to the right school is fundamental to their growth. As a result, there are more and more parents tiring to find the top private schools available for their children.

Right now, just about 25% of all schools in the United States are private schools. This stat points directly to the idea that the top private schools are becoming more and more prominent. As private schools expand there will be more parents looking to get their children enrolled in the best prep schools.

There are some advantages of private schools that are unique to the top private schools. For instance, 1235 is the national average private school SAT score. The public school average for SAT scores is 1060. So there is just one advantage of a parent enrolling their child in a private school.

In 2015, 87% of five-year-olds in the U.S. were enrolled in preprimary programs. Among three- to five-year-olds who were enrolled in preschool programs in 2015, some 51% attended full-day programs. People are trying to get their children enrolled in school at a younger age so that they can be better engaged with school moving forward.

The Top Private Schools Help Students Care About School

The culture that is available within private schools is unique and very different from the culture, or lack thereof, in public schools. This can start at the top with the teachers and trickles down to the students that attend these schools. It is just one of the many advantages and benefits of private school education.

A survey was conducted amongst teachers from both public schools and private schools. Just about 21% of all public school teachers stated that their students hava problem with apathy, meaning they do not care baout school. On the other hand, only 4% of all private school teachers say this is problem. So the culture that is prevalent at the top private schools can help get students more engaged with their classes.

This survey also included questions about the teachers at these school and parent involvement. Just about 24% of public school teachers report that lack of parental involvement is a problem in their school, while only 3% of private school teachers report this as a problem.

The Top Private Schools Can Help Students Get to College

Another one of the benefits that come along with top private schools involves being able to have more access to a four year college after high school. Now, this is not to say that every student at a private school goes on to college, but there are more resources readily available for this process. These resources will not necessarily get a private school student right to college but it will help them with their inclination by allowing for them to have better access to colleges!

Counselors at private schools say they spend about 55% of their time on college-related counseling. Public high school counselors, on the other hand, say they spend only 22% on college-related counseling. Roughly 95% of non-parochial private high school grads go on to four-year postsecondary institutions compared with 49% of public school grads.

In Conclusion

Approximately 2.63 million students were enrolled in private elementary schools in the U.S. in 2016. As the years go on, this number is going to increase as more and more people get involved with their children’s schooling. People value this now more than ever and as aresult, more parents are looking for the top private schools in their area.

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