Top 3 Reasons to Send Your Kid to Summer Day Camp

Advantages of private schools

Studies have shown that enrolling children in preprimary programs is beneficial. In 2015, almost 90% of five-year-olds in the United States were in some kind of preprimary program and half of three-to-five-year-olds in preschool programs in 2015 were in full-day programs. However, many parents start wondering what to do with their children during the summer. Unless you’re a teacher, you don’t generally get the luxury of having a summer off, but your children still need supervision. What’s a working parent to do? Day camp could be the answer you’re looking for! There are all types of day camps — from arts camp to sports camp to tech camp! For older kids, some day camps may focus more on specialized subjects. For example, a tech summer camp may have computer labs and coding classes, while a performing arts camp may focus on dance and theatre classes.

What Are Day Camps?

Day camps are meant for children who are school-aged and usually take place during the summer. They can be for just a day, for a week, or even for a month. They’re known as day camps because the kids will go home at the end of the day, instead of being away from home for a full week (like with sleepaway camps). Day camps tend to be geared towards specific topics, like the arts, science, nature, or sports and offer children the opportunity to hone their skills in these areas, as well as interact with kids their own age.

Some towns, organizations, or institutions within a town (like schools) may sponsor recreational day camps, which are less expensive. Ideally, day camps have an educational focus, meaning that kids are engaged and learning, even while on summer vacation.

What are the Benefits of Sending My Child to Day Camp?

Continued Learning

Many parents and educators worry that the months-long gap between school years is detrimental to children’s learning. They’re not in “school mode” for two to three months and good study habits can easily fall away. With a day camp, kids are kept in an educational atmosphere that’s a bit more relaxed than school, but still teaching them interesting and useful skills. Not only do they get to have fun, but they’re still taking in information.

Goodbye, Childcare Woes!

Pretty much every parent knows how expensive childcare can be, especially if you’re relying on just babysitting. Though day camps do cost money, overall, it can be less expensive than hiring a sitter and you have the assurance that your child is being supervised by adults in a safe environment.

Social Engagement

Your child will also have the opportunity to interact with kids his/her own age who are interested in similar things. They might make new friends, improve social skills, and become more independent during their time at summer camp.

Furthermore, they’ll be opened up to new activities that they might not have tried on their own, and be encouraged to continue to try new things. Plus, most summer camps emphasize physical activity, so your child will be up and moving, not planted in front of a screen.

How Can I Find a Day Camp Near Me?

If your child’s school sponsors a summer camp, they may get a flyer towards the end of the school year for enrollment. Community centers, gyms, and other organizations may also start putting flyers out in late May or early June, so check spots like the library, bank, post office, and other community areas to see what’s out there. Other parents may also have suggestions about day camps and if your child has a friend who attends one, ask their parent about it.

There’s also always the Internet you can use as a research option. You may find a day camp close to you that you’d never have heard of otherwise!

Don’t stress about what to do with your child during the summer months. A summer camp could be the perfect option to keep your kid active and engaged during the vacation months! More.

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