Why You Need Wood Chips in your Garden

Why You Need Wood Chips in your Garden


Wood chips provide a great deal of benefits for your garden or yard. And the best part is that they often come for free or at very affordable prices! They are easy to come by and can have a host of wonderful advantages for your garden.

Wood chips are also known as arborist wood chips.

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They come from the remains of trees that have been cut or trimmed, often right in your own city or town. This makes wood chips an incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly addition to your garden. It also means they are easily available. They are often sold for free or for very low prices.

One major benefit of wood chips is the effects it has on your soil health. Wood chips can improve the nutrient levels in the soil and can also provide a great deal of moisture. Additionally, they can also work to moderate soil temperature levels. These are all very important factors in your soil’s health and the health of your plants and flowers.

Wood chips also have a unique ability to suppress weed growth and kill any existing weeds. That makes wood chips a very powerful addition to your gardening routine!

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