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Why Flowers Have Stood The Test Of Time As The Perfect Gift

Florist in matthews ncA flower is a lovely gift for nearly any occasion. The best plants to send as gifts will depend on the occasion and the recipient’s personal preferences, but your local florist will be able to help you choose the perfect one. Floral plant arrangements are beautiful and can be used to decorate your home or office, providing beautiful flowers as well as sweet scents. However, cut flowers are only one option for flower gifts. You might also consider bulb delivery gifts. If you send bulbs, they won’t have as dramatic a presentation as flower arrangements will, but the recipient will be able to plant them in their yard. Once the flowers bloom, they will have the gift of living flowers in their yard to remind them of you. There are many ways you can send these bulbs. They are hardy, so bulb gifts by post are possible for long-distance gift-giving. The type of flower you give will depend on your budget and the kind of gift you both like. Both can be beautiful and smell lovely.

Flowers are one of nature’s most beloved creations. From centuries ago to the modern-day, flowers of all shapes and sizes have represented everything from love to family to beauty. Even now florists find themselves swamped with a plethora of requests from couples getting married and families throwing events, asked to create incredible bouquets to transform the day into something truly memorable. If you’ve found yourself looking for the skill set of a local florist but aren’t sure where to start putting together a beautiful flower arrangement, take a glance at the list below. The history of flowers is a brilliant one and you’ll be better off with this basic refresher on symbolism and style!


Did You Know?

Let’s start off with some fun facts. Did you know that, according to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, nearly 66% of those celebrating Mother’s Day will buy their mother a bouquet of flowers? The florist industry saw a stunning $2.6 billion spent in early 2016 alone, which is nothing to say of future projections. Both Christmas and Hanukkah are the number one floral-buying holiday for many — it’s been found as many as 30% of adults will purchase flowers or plants as gifts when the holiday season rolls around.

Symbolism And Meaning

Each flower has its own longstanding history and meaning, though this varies from culture to culture. There have even been depictions of flower bouquet arrangements dating back to as early as 2500 B.C. In the West red roses are seen as a symbol of love, frequently given to significant others on special holidays or as gifts — contrary to popular belief, men like to receive Valentine’s flowers as much as women do! The American Society of Florists reveals that 36% of women like to give flowers to their spouses during the holidays. Other popular flowers include baby’s breath, tulips, and lavender.




Color And Style

Curious about how to start? Think about the event you’re throwing. Weddings and baby showers are perfect for delicate arrangements, carefully cradled in baskets or pots to symbolize the beauty of the event being thrown. For Valentine’s Day or similar holidays, a single rose or a simple arrangement can be the ideal touch to a more elaborate gift. Florists are well versed in the art of choosing color and style to perfectly represent the deeper meaning of a special event, so you’ll never have to worry about it being botched!

Allergies And Alternatives

If you or a special someone has allergies to many flowers, never fear. There are multiple hypoallergenic options that are just as beautiful as their more popular choices, perfect for those with sensitive constitutions. Daffodil, geranium, tulips, zinnia, hydrangea, and some varieties of roses are brilliant options you can choose when seeking out flower shops in your area. Studies have shown 63% of flowers being purchased for ones’ self, with another 37% chosen as gifts. Remember that tulips have a very short lifespan, often lasting for only three to seven days.




Finding A Florist

Now that you’re a little caught up on symbolism and popular flower varieties, it’s time to check out Charlotte flower shops to help your event transform into something special. According to the American Society Of Florists, Valentine’s Day is the number one holiday for florists and represents a third of all fresh flower purchases made. When it comes to weddings, flowers will make up a whopping 8% of a typical wedding budget. Overall? The annual spending on floral products in the United States has exceeded $26 billion. With a florist on hand, you can achieve beauty and simplicity in one lovely little package.

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