Year: 2019

How to Handle the Holidays With Children After a Divorce

When you set aside your wedding ring for divorce, everything can seem like it’s spinning. But once the dust starts to settle, it’s time to figure out how to handle the holidays with your kids after your “divorce.” Don’t feel alone, either; the numbers show that in 2017 ….

Reasons To Rent a Storage Facility

Do you find yourself with way too much stuff and very little space? This seems to be a growing issue for those of us who collect items, have children, or live in small spaces. There are a number of reasons to rent a storage facility and the benefits ….

Why You Might Get a Metal Roof Installed

Every house and public building will have a roof on it, of course, to block out the elements such as wind, rain, and the sun. Roofs also prevent items from dropping into the building and can also serve as an important part of the building’s climate control. Like ….

Tips for Choosing Your House Siding

There are plenty of options available when it comes to siding for a house. They all offer different levels of protection, durability, and versatility. Choosing the best one for your home depends on a few different things such as the climate where you live, how much you want ….