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Golf Carts Ain’t Just for Golf Anymore

Ez go golf cart dealers

Custom golf carts for sale is an idea that sometimes drives the avid golfer a bit wild. To see something that you use in your hobby or even profession seem to be used in a manner in which it was not intended can disturb a person, sometimes. But, what if you took a step back and looked at all of the benefits that your sport has given to the greater masses.

Custom golf carts for sale could be a sign that annoys some golfers, but it can also be a sign that delights someone who needs that very thing to get around. Consider an elderly lady who can no longer drive.

The stroke has left her with an inability to drive a car, but she can still get behind the wheel of a golf cart. She decides to buy a golf cart because the barn in which her horse is kept is two miles from her home. It is too far to walk and depending on someone to drive her every day, sometimes two times a day is too much to ask her friends and family.

When she saw the advertisement for custom golf carts for sale, she had her son take her over to the dealership. The dealer explained to her that when it came to custom golf carts, she could expect to spend anywhere between $3,000 and $30,000. She chose to stay closer to the $3,000 end and purchased one that would satisfy her needs.

The top speeds would only reach maybe 20 or 25 miles per hour and that was plenty fast for her. Her trips out and back would only total four miles, so there was no need to worry. It did have a large basket in the back so that she could bring any provisions she would need in order to take care of her horse.

One of the things that were most beneficial was how little she had to worry about the battery. She could plug it in in her garage and when it was fully charged would last a good three days. Going out to the barn and back didn’t use up much battery life at all and maintenance was of virtually no concern to her at all. For someone who had never played a round of golf in her life, this woman got more use out of a custom golf cart than many avid golfers might during all of their playing days on the course.

Custom golf carts for sale to the general public is not necessarily a new phenomenon, but it is definitely a growing one. There are entire retirement communities being built to cater to the Baby Boomer generation who are retiring by the thousands every day, and in those communities, golf carts are being used as basic forms of getting from one place to another.

In Florida, as well as places like Arizona and Delaware builders are erecting communities where the residents can use their own golf carts in safety and as a part of the community experience. The Villages, one such community in Florida has over 70,000 people who call it home. Built into the community itself is roughly 100 miles of golf cart trails. In addition, golf carts are allowed on many of the surrounding streets, per ordinance.

Gas carts are the older variety of carts and they have their place in the discussion, but most of the time, whether it be a custom-built golf cart or a standard version used on the links, electric carts are preferred. This is basically the same when you are talking about custom golf carts for recreational or standard driving.

There are so many different ways to get around these days. As people retire and move to the years of their lives where getting around with the kind of independence they once had is not as simple as it once was, golf carts are becoming a much more viable way to get around.

The next time you see a sign that reads, “Custom Golf Carts For Sale” give a thought to who might be looking for one. That person might not even know they could get a golf cart.

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