Why You Shouldnt Miss Your Yearly Eye Exam

Why You Shouldnt Miss Your Yearly Eye Exam

This video speaks about the importance of getting an annual eye exam and why you should never miss yours. Dr. Allen of The Doctor Eye Health Show and who is also a trained eye doctor is the narrator in this video. He highlights why it is so important that you ensure that you get your eyes checked and he recommends that this happens at least once a year.

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The benefits of such a check, according to Dr. Allen is that not only does it resolve eye issues, it can also catch growths and tumors that the patient was unaware of when they came for the check-up.

An eye exam looks deeply into the eye and analyzes both the optical and neurological compartments of the head. This is what makes it easy to detect issues such as clarity problems, issues that may be causing headaches and may need glasses, but also deeper problems such as cancerous growths and tumors, glaucoma, and autoimmune diseases.
Dr. Allen’s call to action regarding the annual eye exam is critical in ensuring that minor eye problems are corrected in time, and diseases that would not otherwise have been detected are also caught in time.

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